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Sign-up for Action Alerts

The IDF Action Alert system is a tool utilized to mobilize our community by prompting our activists to take immediate action on legislative issues related to primary immunodeficiencies (PI). A strong, united voice can influence public policy issues that impact your health and access to care. Action Alerts urge advocates to contact their elected officials and other policymakers at critical times when a patient perspective is needed to remove barriers to care.

Reaching out to your public officials is simple and quick with the IDF Action Alert system. Customize each alert with your name and contact information and hit send. It is that easy. The alert goes directly to your designated policymaker and you instantly join the process of democracy and create change!

Why are Action Alerts important?

  • They bring attention to issues that enhance the lives of the PI community
  • They are a mechanism of change
  • They inform the public and policy makers about critical health issues
  • They can prevent potentially harmful policies/practices from reaching implementation
  • Most importantly, Action Alerts are the voice of the people

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